Pattern Play

These days, people have been mixing up patterns in all sorts of ways. It’s become more and more popular to take two different prints and pari them together into an outfit. More and more prints are starting to be worn recently, especially in the winter. People mix striped shirts and plaid button ups or tartan scarfs and it looks great together! Some of my favorite prints would have to be leopard print, stripes, tie dye, and plaid. Here are some ways they are used best!


Stripes are the easiest pattern to pair with others. They go well with almost everything, plaid, leopard, tartan, even other stripes! Black and white stripes are my favorite, but there are so many different colors to choose from!



Leopard print doesn’t work with every style, but it can look really chic and stylish if you wear the print right. Leopard print coats, shorts, and pants can go well with simple tops or shirts.





Plaid is used best in flannels or scarves. It adds a pop of color into the outfit. The mainly red and green colors of the print can really stand out and make the outfit come together.




What are your favorite patterns to mix and match? Which of these styles did you like best?  Let me know below!

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