My 2018 Goals + Resolutions

Wow. It’s already two weeks into 2018! Time seems to pass by sooo slowly when I’m in the middle of the school day or doing homework, but after I look back, I see how quickly it’s really gone by. Seeing as it’s already way past the first day of the year, this post is a little late, but I really wanted to share some of my goals for this year so I can go back and check my progress and see what I wanted to accomplish! A lot of the goals are similar to last years, but I feel like I’ve done pretty well so far keeping up with them, which only motivates me more to stay with them!

  • DRINK MORE WATER // I want to try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, it’s just so hard at school sometimes because of always having to go to the bathroom. I know it has so many benefits tho!
  • EAT HEALTHIER // Not just to eat healthier, but to be more aware of what I’m putting into my body and its benefits/what it really does to me. How am I going to feel after I eat it? Sick or healthy and full?
  • LESS SCREEN TIME // I really want to try to stay off my phone more. It’s so hard not to get caught up on instagram and next thing you know, an hour has passed by, but I want to try and make an effort to change my screen time.
  • READ MORE // My goal is to read at least one book a month. This shouldn’t be too hard, since I love to read, but sometimes I get so busy and end up turning to a movie/tv show instead of picking up a book.
  • MEMORIZE BIBLE VERSES // I think it would be really cool if I started memorizing like a verse a week or something like that. It’s so helpful to be in a time of stress or worry and just have a verse you can pull from your brain and take comfort in.
  • DOCUMENT LIFE // I want to start taking more pictures this year. I got a camera for my birthday and I’ve already used it a ton, but I want to just remember to take pictures and have them to remember fun times. I also think it would be cool to take more videos and upload them on youtube to always have.
  • DAILY DEVOTIONS // So far, I’ve kept up with this and I’m excited to continue! I do a devotion when I wake up in the morning before school and I just feel a sense of calm and it prepares me for the day. I also love winding down before bed by reading a few pages of a devotional book.
  • BLOG MORE // I love to blog, but I always put it aside and never make it a priority. I’m so busy that sometimes I’ll go months without posting. I really want to make my blog something that I’m proud of and really share my life on. I also have a blog instagram (theseaofstyle) that I want to post more on.
  • WORKOUT OFTEN // I do three different sports, so I usually stay pretty active, but I barely ever go to the gym anymore. I used to go every Sunday, but I just never got back into it this past semester and I can tell I’ve gotten weaker, especially in my arms. I started doing a 30 day ab challenge and so far I’m loving it!
  • LEARN A NEW SKILL // During Christmas break I got my old electric keyboard out and started practicing piano again. I used to know how to play, but I forgot everything. I really want to pick up a new skill and maybe learn how to play better this year!
  • JOURNAL MORE // I really want to be able to look back at the year and reflect on different things that happened, so I’d love to start journaling about different topics to look back at.

A few other random ones I had were to train myself to life coffee, be more creative, get a job, and give Jesus control in tough situations! I can already tell this is going to be a great year, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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