holiday gift guide: amazon faves under $50

amazon gift guide

It’s so crazy that we are over halfway through with November, it literally feels like it was just the first of the month like a week ago. Thanksgiving break is coming up, I have about two weeks left at school for exams, and then I’m off for Christmas break! So many family members have already started asking for Christmas ideas, and I love online shopping to browse for gift guides. Today’s gift guide is a roundup of my Amazon faves, all under $50! Some of these things I have and love and some of them I’m asking for myself. Not going to lie, making this put me in such a Christmas mood. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but I’m already so excited for the holidays!

amazon faves

sunglasses // straws // candles // journal // sneakers // mug // earrings // gomacro bars // claw clips // pens // pillow // productivity journal // cap // glasses // slippers

I know this is a super random collection of items, but I honestly went through my Amazon wishlist that I’ve been making over the past few months and compiled a few of my favorites. Those Uni-Ball pens are the best, I use them all the time for writing notes. I love blue light glasses, and I thought this collection of neutral colors was so cute! The oatmeal cookie GoMacro bars are my favorite, and I love that they have a bulk box available on Amazon. I see the Five Minute Journal everywhere, it has journal prompts for every morning and night, and an inspirational quote for each day. Lastly, how cute is this pillow? I can’t decide which color is my favorite, blue or pink!

Let me know what your favorite from the list is! What gift guide do you want to see next?

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