Gray Malin’s Home Tour

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a home tour on one of the prettiest homes I’ve ever seen! I love all of the colors and patterns used in the home. Gray Malin is a photographer and interior designer who has his home tour up on his website. I recently discovered his site and all of his features and designs are so pretty! I love looking at all of the home tours on his site, whether it’s his home or the homes of other bloggers and designers. They are all so pretty and bright and can give great inspiration! There seems to be a common theme in these types of bright, colorful houses. Usually the walls and furniture is a neutral or laid back color, like white or gray. But then all of the decor and accessories are what give the pops of color! Adding pink pillows or blue cabinets or red chairs add charm and whimsy to the whole home. Read on to discover this beautiful home!







Grays-Home-Tour23 (1)

gray malin home tour

gray malin's home tour

home tour

How amazing is this home? Do you love looking at home tours? Let me know below, and have a great week!

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