Fourth of July Outfit

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a quick update to show what I will be wearing for the Fourth of July tomorrow! This outfit is really simple and comfortable, just the way I like it. I’m going to be out and about all day and this outfit is perfect for everything I have planned! I’m planning on going to watch one of my brothers run a race that morning and then watch my other brother be in the parade later on! Then I’ll have lunch with my extended family and watch the fireworks that night! This outfit consists of lots of red, white, and blue, read on to find out more!

My shirt is really soft, and in the middle is a USA outline in red and blue. I got it from a local t-shirt shop and it’s perfect for tomorrow! My necklace I actually made myself, it was super easy and goes great with my outfit. My shorts are from target, and they are so comfortable! They are really flowy and swingy, and easy to pair with everything since they are denim colored. Although not pictured, I’ll probably just wear my brown Birkenstocks tomorrow, I wear them everywhere! My bracelets are from Lotus Sky, and if you want to get 20% off your order use my code: LOTUSSKYADDIE! They are super cute!

Thank you for reading! What are your Independence Day plans? Let me know below!

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