Autumn Obsessing

Recently, I can’t stop thinking about fall and all the fun things the season brings. It’s bad how excited I am, and this 95 degree weather we’re having isn’t making it seem like autumn is coming any time soon. A few days ago I started looking at old pictures and videos from last fall. All the leaves on the ground, fall candles, baking cookies and pies, pumpkin picking, I can’t freaking wait. Of course it didn’t help that I spent about 30 minutes on Pinterest one night looking at cute fall pictures and bucket list ideas. Even though we have a while to go before fall really hits, I’m already thinking of fun ideas for autumn.

It’s weird, I get so excited about fall every year and it never seems to live up to my expectations. I was talking to one of my friends about this a few weeks ago. All the talk of pumpkins and thanksgiving and leaves and football games makes me so excited, but once we’re actually in  the season of fall, it doesn’t seem like anything special. This year, I really want to take advantage of autumn and the weather and do as many fall-ish things as I can.

I was also cleaning out my closet and found all my old sweaters from last fall, and I can’t waitttt for cozy fall sweaters. I need some new ones! The cozier, bigger, and softer: the better. I’ve been taking to Pinterest for some outfit inspiration and now I have all these fun ideas running through my brain for fall outfits. It also doesn’t help that I work at a shoe store and we are getting so many booties in every week! I don’t have any boots so I can’t wait to pick out a cute pair.

Needless to say, I came up with a little list of fun things I want to do this fall. I really want to print this out or write it down and put it somewhere I see it everyday so I’m reminded to make the most of the weather and have a cozy fall!

fall bucket list

My friend Bekah and I are already talking about having a “perfect fall day” once it gets cooler, so let’s see how many of these things we can check off 🙂

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