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It’s a chill Wednesday night as I’m writing this, and I have one more exam tomorrow before I am officially done with my fall semester of junior year! This semester flew by, I can’t believe it’s already December. This week started out super busy, because I had a big presentation and an exam back to back on Monday. Thankfully though, my other two exams this week haven’t required too much studying, so I’ve been able to chill and spend time with some friends before we all go home for break. I feel like I haven’t really been in the Christmas mood because my mind has only been consumed with finals and tests and projects, so I can’t wait to get a break and enjoy the holiday season. Today’s post is my winter reading list, which was so fun to create! I did one of these a few months ago for fall, and I checked a lot of them off. Now that I’ll have more time to relax, I’m excited to start reading and tackle this list.

A few of my favorites off the list:

Soundtracks // I’ve listened to a podcast with this author before, and I really like his perspective about noticing the thoughts and “soundtracks” that we constantly have running through our heads. He talks about taking control of our thoughts to stop overthinking and actually take action on your goals.

Winter in Paradise // I absolutely love Elin Hilderbrand’s books, and this one sounds like the perfect winter read. It’s about a woman who recently lost her husband, so she goes to the Caribbean to work out the details of his death. While she’s there, she learns that her husband has been living a double life, and she starts to uncover the truth about her family. Drama, family secrets, and the beach- what more do you need?

For Your Own Good // I’ve also read a book by this author, and it was one of my favorite thrillers recently. This book follows a teacher at a private school who seems to have a very mysterious background. No one has seen his wife in months, and students have started to be randomly murdered around campus. Could he have something to do with it? This sounds like the perfect thriller!

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