Spring Break Begins! + My SB Bucket List

It’s been so long since my last post, and honestly I know I say this every time but I have been extremely busy. In the two to three weeks leading up to spring break, teachers have started new lessons and chapters and then to finish off our units, this week I had 7 tests! But I finally finished up my last little bit of work today and I have a week off for Spring Break! I’m not doing anything super exciting, and sadly, I’m not taking a big trip or going to the beach. But I still want to make the Spring Break count and do a lot of fun things. A few weeks ago I was bored in class so I made a Spring Break bucket list of some things I want to try out and do. I’m always up for more ideas so be sure to let me know what you’re doing for Spring Break in the comments below!

A few of my favorite ideas would be to go to the zoo, try a new recipe, and go on a shopping spree! What are your SB plans?

xoxo, Addie

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Begins! + My SB Bucket List

  1. This looks so fun! It almost makes me wish I was staying in town for spring break. I’ll be going to Portland to visit my older sister.

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