spain photo diary

Spring break was about a week ago now, but I’ve been wanting to write this post and share some photos from my trip! I got the chance to study abroad in Seville, Spain, for the week, and it was such an awesome experience. I was super nervous to go, because I didn’t know many people on the trip and didn’t know what to expect, but I’m really glad I went. I was gone for about ten days total, with lots of long travel days, and we did so much exploring around the city! It was a mix of class lectures in the morning, tours and excursions in the afternoon, and lots of yummy dinners and a night activities. It was a pretty big group that went- 60 students- and I got to meet some new friends as well! This post is a big photo dump of some of my favorite sights/memories from the trip, enjoy!

One thing I was constantly in awe in was the architecture and buildings all around us. On this day, we took a guided tour around the University of Seville, the Jewish Quarters, the Spanish Plaza, and came out at the Catholic Cathedral.

All of the buildings were so colorful, and the designs were so unique! It’s crazy how Seville is such a big city (pop. of 700,000) but the streets were never overly crowded or dirty. I loved this street with the orange and yellow buildings!

This was inside the royal palace, and I loved this glass ceiling. It was so impressive, especially with the archways and detail on the rest of the walls.

On the way to Spain, we had an overnight flight to Paris. I was definitely very tired and jet lagged, but we got to see a glimpse of the sunrise from the plane as we landed in Paris!

One thing I regret is not trying more gelato flavors while I was there! This was vanilla and dark chocolate, but everything looked delicious.

Another thing that surprised me was all the palm trees and orange trees! Seville isn’t a coastal town, but palm trees were everywhere. Seville is known for its oranges, and there are over 45,000 orange trees planted around the city- it smelled like citrus!

At the end of the week, our group got to tour the Italica Roman Ruins, about 30 minutes from our hotel. We saw ruins of an old amphitheater, an ancient house, and a few sculptures.

On Wednesday, we took a day trip to Gibraltar, which is actually owned by the U.K. We got our passport stamped to go through, which was cool! We took a cable car to the top of the rock and had an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea.

This was near the old Jewish Quarters, and we found this sweet local artist who was painting street scenes from nearby! I got a few prints to take home and hang in my room.

These are a few of the friends I hung out with while on the trip! We + a few other girls would usually go out to dinner together and try new restaurants after a long day of exploring.

Another really cool thing about Gibraltar was all the monkeys! There are hundreds of these monkeys all over the city, and they were very feisty. One even jumped on a girl’s back and stole her sunglasses.

Seville had so many good restaurants, with such fresh ingredients. This is one of my favorite meals we ate: a fruit and yogurt parfait and an avocado + egg bagel I shared with a friend.

We had a long flight back to the U.S. last Sunday, and then straight back into classes and the routine. I’m so thankful I got to go on this trip, and it definitely has given me the travel bug to want to plan another one!

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