september goals + august recap

I think August was probably the fastest month of the year… but then again, I feel like I say that about every single month. I had a pretty good month in August! Half of it was filled with rest and soaking up my last couple of weeks of summer, then the last half I moved back to college and was immediately busy with school, organizations, and hanging out with my roommates. While I’m definitely not over the fact that summer is officially over and there’s no more “free time” to just chill and not have any priorities, I’m looking forward to throwing myself into the college routine, and of course, fall! We had two days of “cooler” weather this weekend, and even though it was only 70 degrees, it made me so excited for autumn. But here we are back in the 90s by lunch, so we’ll see if it actually gets cooler anytime soon.

august recap

I mentioned it before, but August was half restful, and half stressful. I always get really stressed and overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year. I thought by junior year I might not get as stressed about it, but without fail, the third day of school rolls around and I’m already so stressed. Reflecting on my goals and how well I did on them, I definitely wasn’t the best at being mindful and intentional. I let my stress get the better of me and felt like I was zooming through my days as I followed my to do list instead of being present in each moment. Definitely want to work on that for September. As far as my other goals/intentions went, I accomplished about 75% of them! I got back into running and pilates this month, and I really enjoy Youtube pilates workouts. I finally got into a good morning routine and have been prioritizing my devotions, which has been such a nice way to start my day. One of my goals was to listen to new music, and my sister made me a big playlist of song recs, which has been so fun to go through and add new songs to my list. With classes starting back, I’ve been going on so many more walks, because I have a 15 minute walk from my apartment to campus, and then I walk around campus during the day as well. I love it- I love stretching my legs after sitting doing homework for so long and I feel so good to get some movement in. Two goals that I didn’t do the best at in August were my screen time goals and budgeting goals. I lowered my screen time a little bit, but definitely not enough. I hate that I’m on my phone for multiple hours of the day, but a lot of it goes to editing pictures and posting on my instagram (because I overthink every picture, haha). For budgeting, I was better at saving at the beginning of the month, and kind of slacked once I got to school. If you want to get another glimpse of what I was up to, you can watch my new Youtube video about my first week of school. Now for my September goals!

september goals + intentions

really be mindful of my spending- less than $150

eat more whole foods- prioritize fruits and veggies

finish four books

record + upload a podcast episode

post more consistently on instagram & find my editing style

more journaling and mind dumps throughout the month

get coffee/hang out with different people

bake a new fall recipe

build back up to running 6 miles

put more effort into my appearance/getting ready each day- dress up sometimes!

take more time each day to rest and unplug

Looking forward to the month ahead. I really want to remind myself of my goals daily and work each day at achieving them! What’s your goal for this month?

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