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I’ve always loved getting sucked into a good show, but with college getting busy again and having more homework, it’s been hard to find time to watch much Netflix. I also feel like I’ve seen all the “good” shows (the popular ones) and don’t know any other shows to watch. However, last week my friend and I decided to start a show together, and it became a nightly routine to go over to her apartment, eat a quick dinner, and watch an episode or two on her cozy couch. We watched The Undoing on HBO Max, a who-done-it thriller/mystery show! There’s something so fun about watching a show with a friend, instead of just alone in my room. We would react to the show together and have a debrief after. Now that we’ve finished the season, I’ve been finding lots of other shows I want to watch, and we’re already planning our next movie night! Today I thought I’d share lots of shows and movies I want to watch, plus a few of my favorites that I’ve seen recently!

Recently watched shows:

  • The Undoing: Like I mentioned, this is the one my friend and I watched together. I love mystery shows, and this one kept me guessing right until the very last episode! It’s set in NYC, and has such a great cast (Nicole Kidman, Noah Jupe, and Hugh Grant). I’d definitely recommend, and there’s only six episodes so it’s quick!
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty: I’m sure so many people have watched this too, it was the show of the summer. I read the books when I was younger, and I honestly liked the show even better! The cast is so fun, and it has the best summer vibes.
  • Gilmore Girls: I’ve been watching this in the background while I work on school assignments or journal, and it’s just the best comfort show. Especially now that fall is on its way, I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls to get me in the cozy mood.
  • Stranger Things S4: I have been looking forward to season four for YEARS, and it was so good! I’ve always loved Stranger Things, I can’t believe there’s only one season left.

Shows to watch:

  • Under the Banner of Heaven: I’ve heard from a few friends that this show is really good, and it’s gotten great reviews online too! It’s a mystery/psychological drama show, starring Andrew Garfield.
  • How to Get Away with Murder: since I’ve been so into mystery shows recently, I’ve kind of been interested in starting this one! I’ve seen the first two episodes, but not enough to get into it. I need to give it another shot!
  • Defending Jacob: oops, another mystery/courtroom show. That seems to be a common theme.  This is based off a book, about a family whose son is accused of murdering a classmate.
  • Severance: my dad has given this show high praise, and I really want to watch it. It’s a psychological thriller about a team of employees who have surgically divided their memories between “work” and “real life” creating a twisted “work-life balance”.
  • The Wilds: I watched season one of this a couple of years ago when if first came out, and season two came out this summer! It’s about a group of high school girls that were in a plane that crashed on a deserted island.
  • Yellowjackets: this show kind of has a similar premise, with a team of high school soccer girls that has a plane crash in the wilderness in Canada.

Recently watched movies:

  • Free Guy: I watched this on the plane ride to NYC and really enjoyed it! It stars Ryan Reynolds, and it actually has a really cool message behind it.
  • A Quiet Place II: My friend and I rewatched this last weekend, and I forgot how much I like this series. I can’t wait for the third one.
  • Where the Crawdads Sing: I watched this in New York this summer with a nanny friend and loved it! It followed the book so well and the actors really made the characters come to life.

Movies to watch:

  • Top Gun: Maverick: I know, I’m so behind! I still haven’t seen this one, I’m so behind
  • Elvis: another popular movie from this summer that I still need to see!
  • The Devil Wears Prada: I love this movie, but want to rewatch it sometime soon! I read the book this summer and now I’m ready to watch the movie again, haha.

What should I add to my list? I’m always looking for recommendations!

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