march recap + april goals

Howwwww is it April? March was the fastest month of the year so far, I blinked and it was over. It was also probably my favorite month so far, filled with lots of fun memories and my spring break trip! This is my last full month at school before graduation prep, and it still hasn’t hit me that I’m about to be done. I’m trying to soak it all up and enjoy my last five weeks at school, but I’m definitely feeling the stress of finding a job and figuring out what’s next. I really want to make April a month of prioritizing fun and making memories, not stressing so much and feeling too overwhelmed!

Looking back at March, I felt like I was really in my groove. I was the most consistent with my morning routine than I’ve ever been, I ate way more meals at home and tried to eat more veggies, and I was really inspired with my half marathon training plan/workout schedule! My friend Olivia and I have been cooking dinner together at least once a week (usually twice), and it’s so fun to plan a new recipe together and make an activity out of it. We made a loaded salad last week with arugula, Italian herb salmon, avocado, goat cheese, almonds, and homemade dijon dressing- so good. I made it a goal at the end of February to start building my mileage up again, and so far I’m up to seven miles. My running plan has a mix of speed workouts, long runs, and cross training days. I’ve actually really been enjoying my two strength workouts a week, and it’s been so fun to try new things at the gym!

I feel like one of the reasons the month went by so fast was because I was gone for ten days over spring break. I did a whole recap in this post, but I studied abroad in Seville, Spain! It was so fun and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone to go, since I didn’t have a friend going on the trip. We did so much exploring, tried lots of local food, went to the Rock of Gibraltar, and more!

Besides that, it’s been pretty much a chill month. Morning workouts, classes, meetings, walks around campus, spending time with friends, bible study every week, laying out at the pool, long walks, baseball games, and applying for jobs- pretty much sums it all up 🙂

April is always one of my favorite months, because it means spring is here! Everything is colorful and in bloom on campus, and it makes me so happy. I love the warmer weather, and it’s definitely one of my goals to get outside as much as possible to take advantage of it. While I’m still going to be applying for jobs and hopefully nailing down my plans for after graduation, I’m trying (and failing haha) not to stress myself out too much about it. I want to spend time with friends, go to baseball games, take weekend trips, and really make the most of it all!


  1. do 2-3 random acts of kindness for friends
  2. be stricter/mindful with my spending (esp. on food!)
  3. schedule grad pictures + send grad invites
  4. go on a sunrise/sunset walk at the lake
  5. prioritize reading more theology books + prayer
  6. go on a fun weekend trip to a new city
  7. do a week of daily vlogs on TikTok
  8. only drink 1-2 coffees per week
  9. build up to running 10 miles
  10. apply to jobs and decide on a city


  • Firefly Lane- Kristin Hannah
  • Prayer- Timothy Keller
  • The It Girl- Ruth Ware
  • A Flicker in the Dark- Stacy Willingham

WORD OF THE MONTH: memories- cheesy, but I want to be in the moment this month and soak up my last few memories at college!

HABITS TO START: taking my supplements every day + tracking my spending + stretching after workouts

HABITS TO BREAK: scrolling while walking to class + constant background noise + mindless snacking

Excited for the month ahead! What’s a habit you want to start?

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