Mail Monday #1

Hi guys! Today is the first of a new weekly series for my blog- Mail Monday! I hope to be consistent with this (every other week or more), and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it! So Mail Monday will be just an overview + pictures and commentary of things I got in the mail the week before. I did get a lot of mail this week, it was mostly stickers (be on the lookout for a collection post soon!), but I also got a shirt and some headbands!


I’ll start off with the stickers. Right now, I’m not going to tell how to get them, and that’s only because I will in my stickers post that will be coming soon!

The first company that sent me stickers was called Olly Oxen. They sell adorable t-shirts and key fobs, as well as any other collegiate apparel you might need. They sent me two of these!


The next few stickers I got were from Summer Ties. Summer Ties sells adorable t-shirts as well as soft, brightly colored ties. They sent me some adorable stickers! Definitely some of my favorites!

IMG_2099          IMG_2104

IMG_2105    IMG_2098

I also got three of these from Southern Marsh! Southern Marsh sells a wide range of things, from t-shirts to jackets. I love the colors- mint green and light orange!


I got this adorable sticker from the Little Brown Dog Southern Trade Co! Isn’t it so cute? I love the dog in the logo!


Another company that sent me stickers was Southern Girl Prep. They have adorable clothes and super cute decals, so be sure to check them out. I got some stickers, a koozie, and a sweet handwritten note!


The last few stickers were from some smaller, less popular companies. I just heard of them over social media so I contacted them for some stickers. The companies are: Eliza B, Atlantic Fowl Clothing, Onward Reserve, Suck Head Clothing, and Tuckernuck

IMG_2122 IMG_2119 IMG_2096 IMG_2109 IMG_2117


So those were the stickers for this week! I did get a few other ones, but they were really random and unexciting, so I gave them to my brother for his collection.

Now on to the other items:


I got a shirt from the Little Brown Dog Southern Trade Co, but it’s a secret (shhh), and I can’t show it yet. Be on the lookout for a post about their company soon! I am super excited to share about it!


The other company that sent me something was Adidas. I was actually really surprised to receive something from them because I had first contacted them about stickers, and they never replied. After they finally replied almost a week later, they told me they didn’t give any out, they were really sorry. I had accepted that I wouldn’t get any, but was so happy when I checked my mailbox on Saturday! Inside was a thick, white envelope addressed to me! I opened it up before even getting back inside the house, and in the envelope were two of their logo stickers and a six pack of their adorable headbands! I was so excited, because I really like their headbands, but I only have a few. Thank you SO much Adidas, you made not only my day, but my entire week!

mail monday #1

So I hope you guys liked the first of many Mail Mondays! If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Please comment any questions, comments, or concerns below! Remember to subscribe and follow!



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  1. I love your site! Definitely looking forward to more posts in the future! Mail Monday is a great idea, do more of them!

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