Who else finds the best quotes from Pinterest? My “Words” board is one of my favorites because I love all the motivation and encouragement. ¬†Recently I was scrolling through Pinterest and I found this quote about not just looking forward to the weekend, but to “live for Tuesday”. I freakin love this quote and I’ve been thinking about it a lot and how important it is to try to make every day a good day, not just the weekends.

Last year, (sophomore year of school) I felt like I was always waiting for the weekend, because then I would be happy. Then I would be able to have fun. I felt so miserable at school some weeks because all I could think about was how much homework I had that night or how tired I was or how busy I was with sports… the list goes on and on. I kept telling myself that if I could make it to Friday afternoon, then it would get better. Then I would have two days not to worry about school or friend problems or teachers.

But in reality, my weekends were never perfect or amazing. They never really satisfied me. Lots of times, I had soccer or track meets on Saturdays, church till 12 on Sunday, and homework/studying Sunday afternoon for tests the next day. Yes they were fun, but it was like I had spent all week looking forward to something that really wasn’t that special.

This school year I have been really trying to make the best of each day and not be so upset during the school week. It’s definitely paid off, I feel so much happier and less stressed because I’m not always worrying about what homework I have to do later that night or how tired I’m going to be the next day. Each class I try to find something to look forward to, whether it’s talking to my friends or maybe the topic we’re learning is somewhat interesting. It’s definitely not always easy, especially on really sucky days at school, but my mindset has changed so much. Every day has something fun to look forward to. Maybe it’s not even at school, there’s a lot of time after school that I can use to do something. Maybe I go out and do something like a mini shopping trip or massage or study date with a friend. Maybe it’s just some relaxing self care at home!

Of course, it doesn’t mean weekends aren’t the best part of the week, but I’ve found that I’m really enjoying life more and I appreciate every day instead of wasting my days looking forward to something so short. I actually read this other quote that said to live for the weekend is to waste about 71.43% of your life. Almost 3/4s of your life wasted being miserable. How crazy is that? Life is meant to be enjoyed. And not just on the weekends!



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