Linen Shorts + Harvard Tee

Every since I got this Harvard shirt in Boston back in April, it has been such a go to shirt. I wear it all the time, either tying it up like I did here, tucking it halfway into pants, or letting it hang long with a pair of Nike shorts. It’s so comfy and today I paired it with my favorite pair of shorts, this breezy linen pair from Old Navy. I’ve worn them all summer, they’re perfect to throw on for a quick and cute outfit. I recently bought my first pair of slip on Vans and I love them! They add such a cute touch to any outfit. As for jewelry, most of my bracelets and both of my necklaces I made myself, but everything else I’m wearing I linked below!

harvard shirt (in gray) // linen shorts (this year’s style) // vans // green watch

My Harvard shirt was from an actual college store up in Boston, so I unfortunately can’t find the exact one. I wish I could link my bracelets and necklaces, but I actually made them this summer! The necklaces are made with friendship thread and the beaded bracelets were super easy to make as well, I could definitely do a tutorial for either of them. My headband is from a shop in Peña Blanca, Honduras. I snagged it when I went there a few weeks ago for a mission trip and I’ve been wearing it all the time!

xoxo, Addie

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