January Recap

Happy February! I would usually say I can’t believe how fast the last month went by, but that is definitely not the case for January. Did anyone else feel like January dragged on forever? Not that it was a bad month for me, but I felt like January was three months in one, haha. It was actually a really good month though, with lots of new opportunities, new goals, and new experiences. I have so much to catch up on- my goals recap, a little recap of everything I did, and my monthly favorites!

Even though it feels like so long ago, I was actually home for the first five days of the month still on Winter Break. I did a whole winter break recap here, but those last few days were so relaxing and fun. I did lots of stuff with family, watched Survivor with my dad and siblings, worked a few shifts at my local boutique job, and had some chill time before school started back. The first week of school was hard, not going to lie. It was hard to adjust to school all over again after being home for over three weeks, and I was feeling really homesick. But after that first week, things got much better, which has honestly been such an answered prayer. I got involved in a new small group and have been getting much closer with the girls in my group. I love my new school schedule and my classes don’t seem near as difficult as last semester. I have class 8-1 MWF, a lab on Tuesday, and nothing else Thursday. I like getting all my classes out of the way before lunch, then having the rest of the day to get homework done, work out, and hang out with friends. I’ve also been really involved with Wesley too, so I go to their college worship night on Tuesdays and then freshman bible study on Thursdays. Overall, I’ve just been trying to have a more positive mindset about school and get involved in new things to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

Wearing // I’ve got these Old Navy pocket leggings for Christmas and I’ve been wearing them nonstop! I’ve never had pocket leggings before and I didn’t think I would really like them, but they have quickly become a favorite. I want more colors, like these snakeskin ones or these teal ones.

Watching // I have been so hooked on Friday Night Lights this month. Like obsessed. My dad has always loved the show, and he watched it back when it was still coming on tv in 2009. I grew up hearing him talk about it but had never thought about actually watching it for myself until over winter break. I watched the first three episodes and was immediately hooked. If you have amazon prime or hulu, definitely go watch it! I don’t even like football that much and I was obsessed.

Reading // I read three books this month, And Then There Were None, Royals, and One of Us is NextAll three were really good and completely different! And Then There Were None was a classic mystery book that had been on my to-read list forever, and it was definitely worth the hype! Royals was a cheesy young adult romance set in Scotland with the royal family, and it was perfect to read and unwind after a long day of class. My last read book, One of Us is Next was probably my favorite of the whole month. I read it in less than three days, it was amazing. It was a young adult, contemporary mystery book that had me hooked from the first chapter.

Eating // By far my most eaten item this month was RX Protein bars. My grandmother gave me a 24 pack of them for Christmas and I only have one left until they’re all gone! The peanut butter chocolate flavor is my absolute favorite, but I got a variety pack of five different kinds. They were perfect to grab on the way to class or eat after a workout.

Listening // If you haven’t seen Miss Americana on Netflix about Taylor Swift, definitely go watch. I watched it this past weekend with some friends and ever since then, I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift music all over again. My current playlist is just completely her music, and I forgot about all my old faves. Tim McGraw, King of My Heart, and The Man have been on constant repeat. I have also been listening to the What We Said podcast a lot this past month too. I’m always looking for new podcast recs and this one is super good, so I’d highly recommend!

Doing // Something random I’ve been doing this month is having Bachelor nights with my friends every Monday! I was never really into the Bachelor before, and to be honest we make fun of the girls more than actually watch it, but it’s a fun weekly tradition and good time to spend with friends. I’ve also been podcasting (is that a word?) this month! If you haven’t heard, I started a podcast, and it’s been so fun to record and keep up with it. Be sure to subscribe if you want!

Buying // Something I really want to get better at this month is managing how much money I spend on food. I don’t know why I hesitate to spend $20 on leggings I know I’ll use and love yet will gladly spend ten bucks on a smoothie bowl or a few things at the grocery store. I just love sparkling waters and protein bars too much, haha. I also bought some books off ThriftBooks and they have such good deals, so definitely check them out! Other than that, I bought a new Champion hoodie off Mercari that I’ve been wearing nonstop. I got this one for Christmas and now I’m hooked on hoodies!

Thanks for listening to my January rambles! Happy February!

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