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Happy hump day! This week has gone by super fast so far, and overall it’s been good! I went out of town Thursday and missed all day Friday for a college visit, so Monday was a little stressful because I had lots of schoolwork to catch up on. Thankfully I didn’t have work Monday, so I was able to grind and get it all out of the way. This is my first full week of track practices, and I couldn’t be happier to be back running! I’m definitely out of track shape, but thankfully we have a few weeks before our first meet so I have time to get back on track…literally.

With that little life update out of the way, today’s post is my current wishlist! I’ve started to keep a running list on my phone if I ever see something I really want to buy, and a lot of these items I’ve been eying for a while. Clothes definitely take up the majority of this list, but I have just seen so many cute pieces recently! It’s starting to warm up slightly where I live, and it just makes me so excited for spring weather- and spring fashion! I just cannot waitttt for tank tops and jean shorts and no more sweaters!

Brandy Melville Thermal Tee // I love the look of an oversized, loose thermal thrown over shorts or light wash jeans. Brandy Melville has such cute ones, but they’re kinda pricey. Anyone know where else to find simple thermals for cheap?

Outdoor Voices Tech Leggings // I see Outdoor Voices everywhere recently, they are definitely one of the most popular brands right now. I think their sets are so cute, and I’ve especially heard good reviews about their tech leggings, so I want to get a pair!

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser // This is another brand I see everywhere but have never tried. I debated ordering this cleanser when it was on sale for Black Friday, but never took the plunge. I either want to try this cleanser or their balm dot com chapsticks!

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Tee // I want a lululemon shirt SO BAD! I just wish they weren’t so expensive! I have a few pairs of lululemon shorts, but I bought them all from Mercari for over half off, so maybe I can find one of these shirts for sale on there too.

Nike Air Force 1 // Can you ever have too many sneakers? I love these because I don’t have anything in this light pink color, and I really like the platform.

Hydroflask with Straw Lid // I’ve heard such good things about hydroflasks, and it’s been on my wishlist for a while! I love the look of adding lots of redbubble stickers to customize it to your liking. I can’t decide between the turquoise color or just plain white!

Tortoiseshell Clubmaster Sunglasses // I tried on a pair of clubmaster sunglasses for the first time a couple of months ago and I really like how they fit my face! These are the classic ray-ban brand, but I’m sure they sell good quality ones for much cheaper other places.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Rx Bars // This is random, but recently I’ve been obsessed with Rx bars, and I think this is my favorite flavor. There are only a few simple ingredients, but this one literally tastes like a brownie. I also love the chocolate sea salt and berry flavors.

Garden Party Washi Tape // Another random item, but I thought this washi tape was so cute and it’s currently on sale! One idea I had for my future dorm is to print out lots of colorful prints and pictures and hang them on my dorm wall with fun washi tape.

Madewell Bandana // I love the look of a cute bandana tied around your hair, and I’ve even seen them around a purse handle or even the neck. This just screams spring to me, so I really want to try this trend out!

What’s on your wishlist? Thanks for reading!


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