How to Actually Enjoy Your Mornings

Mornings are so hard for me because I’m always super tired and it’s so difficult to get out of bed. Now that school has started back and is in full swing, I’ve found it even harder to drag myself out from under the comforter and start my routine. But recently I’ve been thinking about ways to really enjoy your mornings and make them something to look forward to instead of dread. I realized, I can wake up five days of the week almost every week for the next 9 months and be cranky and in a bad mood or I can start to actually make the most of my time before school.

The most important factor to enjoying your morning is making a constant routine. Take the time to sit down and write what you want your morning routine to look like. Make sure to add little things you will actually look forward to about the morning, instead of only doing boring things you won’t actually like. Copy your routine down on a piece of paper or even type it up with a pretty font, and hang it somewhere near your bed. Some things to remember while creating your new morning routine:

Pick a time to wake up every day and stick with it. Whatever you choose, make sure you actually wake up at that time every day. Don’t keep pushing snooze and end up getting up thirty minutes late on Monday, yet waking up on time the other few days. After you wake up at the same time for a few weeks, your body will get into routine and it gets so much easier to get out of bed.

Take time for yourself before you get ready for the day. While you’re still in bed, read, journal, or plan out your day. I like to do a short devotion right when I wake up to get me focused and energized for the day. Journal, read, pick something calming to do before you get up, you’ll feel so much better!

Pick something “fun” to do every morning that you can look forward to. This could be watching a Youtube video, having a cup of coffee or a yummy breakfast, or any other small thing that you can get excited about in the morning.

Know ahead of time what you’re going to wear. Lay it out the night before, or go ahead and have an idea in mind. This saves a lot of stress and rush in the morning because you already know what you’re going to wear!

Do you have any tips to enjoying mornings? What’s your favorite part of the morning?

xoxo, Addie

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