February Goals


Happy February! To be honest, I wasn’t excited for February at all at the beginning of the year. It’s always cold, there’s nothing fun to look forward to, and there’s no school breaks the entire month. But while I was journaling and making my goals at the beginning of the month, I was actually getting really excited! January was such a good month for me that I want to continue the productivity into February!

This month I want to focus on getting out of my regular, day-to-day routine and start trying new things. I feel like I get so used to my everyday schedule with school, work, and sports, and I want to switch it up. I want to be more creative and actually take time to do art and drawing. I’d love to get back into photography and editing photos, maybe even start posting again on my old blog instagram! I’m just getting so excited for spring weather, track season, and a change in my routine!

Some of my top goals on my list:

  • buy a new outfit for spring weather- one thing I love about my job is that it kinda forces me to dress up and get out of my usual sporty clothes. Hopefully soon I can do some online shopping and get a warm weather outfit!
  • make a new healthy recipe- I have been finding sooo many recipes recently and they always just sit in a folder on my laptop. This month I want to make at least one new recipe, hopefully more!
  • paint/draw something new- I have a pinterest board filled with art I want to try, and this is the month I’m actually going to take the time to do it! I used to be okay at drawing, but I’m very out of practice, so I need to get back into it
  • go visit a friend at college- I have a friend that is currently a freshman at MSU, where I may be going, and I really want to visit her one weekend and spend the night! I think it would be a good way to see what campus/ college life is really like
  • prepare for track season- I could not be happier that it is finally track season. We had our last soccer game February 2nd, and now it’s back to running with my favorite teammates ever!

February is going to be a good one! Lots of new experiences, fun times with friends, and big decisions to make! Here we go!


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