fall 2020 bucket list

Guys, it’s actually feeling like fall for once! Last year, I feel like fall was maybe 2 weeks long, then it went straight to winter, which is my least favorite season. I love when the weather is mid 60s and 70s, where it’s pleasant to be outside but not so hot that you’re sweating just walking to class. The weather has still been a little up and down, where it’s super cold in the morning but then hot by lunch, but I’ll take it over winter any day! I love fall and all the coziness that comes with it. The weather is great, the foliage and colors outside are beautiful, and there are so many fun activities just specific to autumn; it’s the best. Even though I know I won’t get everything on this list done, it’s been so fun to brainstorm ideas and get in the fun fall mood. I typed it out on my computer for this post, but I actually wrote these all out in my bullet journal one afternoon in fun colors and did fall doodles on the side, honestly therapeutic!

I tried to come up with ideas that weren’t too hard to accomplish and that I could actually find in my area, like I know there isn’t really an apple picking or hayride place near me, so it’s just unrealistic, haha. This fall, I definitely want to read a lot, go on walks and enjoy the weather, carve pumpkins, bake fall recipes like pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and watch cozy fall shows and movies. I actually watched Hocus Pocus last night at the theatre and it was so good! The perfect mix of cheesiness and fall vibes, haha. I really want to make the most of this season and soak up every second of it! What’s on your fall bucket list?

xoxo, Addie

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