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Happy weekend! At this point the days are all starting to run together, and there isn’t much difference between the weekend and the regular days of the week. To be honest, I kind of like the regular weekdays more, because I feel more productive and motivated with my to do list of school stuff. Next week, I have two exams, and then I’m officially done with my freshman year! It’s so crazy. My schedule has been to get most of my school stuff done in the mornings before lunch, and then have the afternoons free for projects, working out, and more “fun” activities. Once my classes wrap up next week, I’ll have even more free time, and I really want to try to stay motivated and not just sit on my computer all day. So I took to Pinterest and rounded up some fun DIY and creative projects to try, enjoy!

PAINTING // I’m not the best at painting, but it can be super fun and relaxing to put on some music or a podcast and paint for an hour or two. I love finding paintings to try to copy and recreate myself, here are a few on my list:

Restoration On the Rise

BULLET JOURNAL // I posted something a few months ago about wanting to start a bullet journal, and just never got around to it. Now that I have more free time, I’ve finally started mine, and it’s seriously so fun to doodle for a couple of hours at night before going to bed. Mine isn’t as much a planner as it is kind of a creative/art journal. Here’s some of my ideas for future pages I want to add to mine.

Some Motivation Required

There are so many spreads you can add to your Bullet Journal! It all depends on the person, and really, each one of us uses something different. However, I believe there are Bullet Journal pages that benefit everyone. One of these pages is a monthly review. Check this post to learn how much monthly review can help you improve your life and your planning. Plus - get free monthly review printables to add to your Bullet Journal right now. #mashaplans #monthlyreview #bulletjournla #bujoideas

Viola | Bullet Journal on Instagram: “What's your favorite book? 📚 I recently read 'the alchemist' by Paulo Coelho and it's one of my faves now!✨ At the beginning of August I…”

seasonjours | art & journal (@seasonjours) • Фото и видео в Instagram

TIE DYE // This is definitely one of the big trends of quarantine, and I’ve yet to jump on the train. I used to be obsessed with tie dye when I was in probably second grade, but that was in the days of the super bright, crazy color trend. Now, I want to try doing single color clothes, with lighter, pastel colors on a sweatshirt  or tank!

CRAFTS // I use to be so into DIY and crafts when I was younger, so it was definitely a trip down memory lane looking up “DIY ideas” on pinterest, but I found some fun ones! Remember when friendship bracelets were such a big thing? I found a bunch of new embroidery floss that I want to use again!

Bracelets | Bracelets For Girls | Bracelets For Men | Charm Bracelets | 2019 – STYLEATEAZE.COM

DIY Keychains
Denim Embroidery
DIY Washi Tape Frames
Morse Code Bracelets

What’s on your DIY to do list? Which should I try first?

xo, Addie

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