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Since Christmas is coming soon, everyone will be making lists of what they really want. I always make one list of things that I want, and then split it up to tell different grandparents, siblings, or my parents. Some of the things on my wish are a bit pricey, but others are some things I’ve wanted forever and just have never gotten. Read on to discover my Christmas wishlist!

  • The thing I want the most is an ENO hammock. It was also on my Fall Wishlist, and I still haven’t gotten it! There are lots of trees and woods around my house, so I live in a perfect place for a hammock. I would love reading or looking at my computer in it in the fall and winter, hanging out in it in the spring, and in the summer. I would use it all the time! I have a humongous fluffy comforter that you could literally sink right into. I plan on filling the hammock with the comforter and sleeping out in it in the summer. I really hope I get it!


  • I really want some new black Nike shorts. I lost my other ones on a trip, and I need to get some new ones. I want black ones the most, but I also like any others such as light blue, navy, or peach! I wear Nike shorts all the time. I like pairing them with t-shirts and it’s so comfortable!

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  • I really like writing and drawing, so I want some Paper Mate fine tip colored pens, and a notebook, agenda, or journal to go with it! I really like how they write and I could have all my notes organized by color if I use them. There is a medium or fine tip, but I like the fine tip better because I like to write small.


  • I have something in my room where you can display pictures, and I think polaroids would look great on it, so I think a Polaroid camera would be cool to have. But I know that they are kind of expensive, and even after you buy the camera, you still have to get the film for it, and that’s expensive too. So I might get that later for myself or something. There are two kinds I like, the Polaroid brand or the Instax Mini kind.

Fujifilm-Instax-Mini-8-Instant-Film-Photo-Polaroid-Camera-Yellow-Blue-White-Black-Pink-Purple-Free 477415-polaroid-snap-instant-digital-camera

  • I would want to get a new Camelbak water bottle, I love them! I like the ones with the gummy mouths the best, in a blue color. I had one before but it went missing and I think someone stole it, but I’m not completely sure. I would use it all the time for school and sports.


  • I’ve had my same wallet I have now ever since I was six or seven, and I really need a new one. It is black with colored hearts on it! I’ve been looking at different ones, and I like the smaller kind, like the ID holder style. I like the ones Scout has, I think they are super cute. They have an ID holder, a keychain, and plenty of room for money.


  • My white converse are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own, and I want to get some more. I like light blue and red converse a lot, so I think it would be great to get a new pair! They are really comfortable and you can wear them with almost everything in every season!

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Converse Hi Red _6699524 img-thing

  • Another thing I would like to get is a new necklace. I like either the simple, gold circle necklace, a silver druzy necklace, or, the more expensive option, a Kendra Scott necklace, even though I know I won’t be getting that! 🙂 They are just small, simple pieces that match with everything and easily dress up an outfit.


il_570xN.784316173_pe9r il_fullxfull.286256395 elisa-pendant-gold-iridescentdrusy-1

  • I really like the leather and pearl type of necklaces, and I have a few different styles of them already. But the one that I love the most is the knotted pearl choker, with pearls and knots going all the way around the necklace. It matches with everything, and I would love to get one! I found a great etsy shop that sells them pretty cheap.


  • Lily and Laura is a company that sells adorable beaded bracelets. I’ve been eying them for a while, and I think it would be great to have a few! They come in dozens and dozens of colors, but I like the gold series the best. They will match with everything, and they fit well.  I like how they aren’t too loose so they don’t slide off easily.

IMG_2332_1024x1024 0807-dark_gold_gold_and_white_branch_out_spiral-15_1024x1024 lily and laura, christmas wishlist


So those are my top ten things on my Christmas wishlist! I hope this might have given you some inspiration for your list, or just showed you some cool things to ask for later. I am so excited about Christmas, only 12 more days until it’s here! I have just one more week of school until I’m out for break, but unfortunately, that means exams! I have a lot of studying to do, but I’ll be looking forward to Christmas the whole time! Let me know below what you’re asking for on your Christmas list!

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