Christmas Morning Outfit

On Christmas morning, you’ll probably be around family, there will be LOTS of pictures taken, and it’ll be festive. You’ll want to wear something that is comfortable, warm and cozy, but also looks good. I’ve never worn an actual pair of Christmas pajamas, usually it’s just been some Nike shorts and a t-shirt with my hair in a ponytail. This year, I want to try doing braids or something like that. So I’ve put together and outfit that you can wear Christmas morning!

christmas morning outfit


The main item in this outfit is the pajama set. They are super cute, but a bit expensive. You can get them for $125 from J. Crew. I don’t think this particular style is in stock at the moment, but there are plenty others to choose from. Although they cost a lot, they will last a while, and you can wear them every Christmas from now on.

To keep your feet warm and comfy, wear these white nike socks around the house. I love mine, they are super comfortable and keep my feet really warm. You can get a three pack of them from Zappos for $22.

You can’t celebrate Christmas without a Santa hat. It’s super cute for pictures, and it really brings out the festive mood. They sell them everywhere, or you can get them here for $2.

Your house may already look festive, but does it smell festive, too? Pick up a holiday scented candle and light it for the whole house to smell amazing. This one is from Kohls for $10.

To go along with your pajamas, find a small, simple necklace you can wear. This one is a Kendra Scott necklace from Nordstrom for $65, but there are plenty of other options!

Finally, the hair. There are dozens of ways you could do it, but I would wear two french braid pigtails down my back. They keep the hair out of your face, but they look really cute and are quick and easy to do!


What are you wearing Christmas morning? Has this given you any inspiration? Let me know below!

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