Backpack Essentials for Back to School

To me, back to school is way more fun when you have some adorable things to brighten up your supplies and backpack. Target has always been my go to for cute notebooks and pencils, but just recently I have been obsessed with I want to buy out the whole site, everything is so cute. They have planners, notebooks, pencils, pens, sticky notes, and so much more. I just recently ordered my new agenda from there (check out my post on my planner picks here)  and I really wanted to buy a sticker set to go with it. This post is a big collection of some super cute things for your backpack, but be warned, a lot of it will probably be from Bando!

backpack essentials

sticky notes // agenda // pencil pouch // pens // highlighters // binder // pencils // charger cord // cup // lip balm // notebook // gum

Sticky notes: for a quick way to jot down assignments, schedules, or ideas

Agenda: for staying organized and keeping track of everything

Pencil pouch: so all your writing tools are together and organized in one place

Pens: color coordination and note taking are always a must

Highlighters: for the important stuff, shows you what to remember

Binder: keep all your papers together and separated by subject for easy access

Pencils: an essential, write anything and everything

Charger cord: to keep in your  backpack just in case your phone dies

Cup: staying hydrated in class has never looked better with this adorable cup

Lip balm: keep your lips hydrated and refreshed, especially on cold days

Notebook: to hold all your paper and to work out problems with

Gum: definitely an essential, great to use after lunch when you have bad breath

Hope you enjoyed! What are your backpack essentials? Anything I’m forgetting? I start school on Monday and I’m so sad summer is coming to a close!

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