august themes + intentions

Hi!!! It’s been a minute. I’ve had such a busy summer and had so many fun things going on, but I’ve definitely neglected my blog for the past few months. I finished with my sophomore year of college at the end of April, then went on a little beach trip with my family and worked for a couple of weeks in May.  Then, in the middle of May, I started my summer job at a local camp, which was a new experience for me! It was really hard at first but I ended up loving it. I was a counselor for a range of ages throughout the summer, but my favorite were the 16/17 year old girls. Then, last week, my sister and I went on a mission trip with our church to El Ocote, Honduras! I’ve been twice already, but I haven’t been in three years, and it was so cool to go back and see the people of the village again. Now that we’re back home, I have less than two weeks before I move back to college, and I’m starting to get back into a routine and productive mindset.

All summer I’ve been on a camp routine, so it was definitely a weird transition to come home and not have outdoor activities to do every day. I’m trying to go ahead and start good habits and routines early in August, so that by the time I go back to school, I’m already in a good schedule and working toward my goals. I wrote down a few August themes and intentions that I want to work toward this month, and I really hope I can achieve them!

august themes + intentions

less phone, more reading

pilates and trail runs

lots of fresh fruits

daily morning devotions

a consistent morning routine

be more spontaneous

find new music 

create a budget

long walks + time outside

be intentional in friendships

Now that I’m back home, I want to get back into posting on my blog and youtube channel, but especially my instagram, so be sure to follow it to keep up with my life! What are your August goals?

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