April Recap

Happy May! April flew by, but it was probably my favorite month of the year so far. I say it all the time, but the weather and sunshine always affects my mood, so all the spring temps made me so happy! I hate the cold, and I think it was 60s and 70s almost every single day this month. April wasn’t super eventful (we are still in quarantine haha), but I was trying to stay motivated and productive this month instead of laying around all day, like I did some in March. There were definitely some lazy days, but I tried some fun projects, got into a new workout routine, and best of all- officially finished freshman year!

Wearing // Lots of loungewear and sweatshirts, haha. I’ve mainly been wearing the same types of outfits every day: lululemon tracker shorts, a comfy t-shirt, and an oversized sweatshirt. I’ve also been working out or running almost every day, so I’ve been wearing lots of running tanks that are easy to throw on. If you haven’t heard of CRZ yoga, I would definitely recommend checking them out! They’re super affordable and I have this gray tank, which reminds me of a Lululemon swiftly tech top! On the days I have been dressing up, it’s been fun to wear more spring clothes and put away the sweaters and jeans from winter. I actually just posted a Spring Lookbook video on my youtube channel if you want to check it out!

Watching // I feel like everyone has been binging so much Netflix recently while being stuck at home, but I actually haven’t really been watching that much. My dad, siblings, and I have been keeping up with the tv show Survivor every week, which is definitely a fun weekly tradition. I think there’s only a few episodes left in the entire season, and then we’ll probably start the new Amazing Race season once it premiers later in May. It’s just fun to all watch a show together and have something to look forward to each week. Other than that, I did end up watching the new Netflix show, Outer Banks, which was really good! It took me a few episodes to get into, but the last half of the show really picks up and I was hooked. I also have really been liking Ava Jules YouTube videos, they’re so motivating! She lives in Hawaii and does online college too, so I love keeping up with her life. I need a new show to watch, tho- comment your recommendations!

Reading // So much reading! I was in a bit of a reading rut at the beginning of the month because the library is closed and I didn’t have many new books to read at home, but I actually broke out my old iPad mini from literally 8 years ago and downloaded some books on there. As far as physical books go, I read Hello Girls, The Night Circus, Every Last Word, and I’m currently in the middle of The Toll. But I recently downloaded the app Libby on my iPad and have been reading eBooks. I’m usually not a big eBook person, I would rather read the physical book, but Libby connects to your library card account and you can download eBooks for free from your local library! I downloaded A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and literally finished it in a day. It was soooo good. I love mystery books, and this was a YA/contemporary mystery that really sucked me in.

Eating // I actually just posted about my recent eats/recipes a few days ago, but it’s been so nice to have my home kitchen again! I love cooking and baking and trying out new recipes, and it makes me even more excited to have my apartment kitchen next school year. I’ve been making: lots of banana bread, smoothie bowls, turkey wraps, just random meals! A few days ago I also tried this blueberry lemon muffin recipe and made them into mini versions- so good. You can also follow my food instagram for more pics!

Listening // Lots of podcasts! I’ve been running almost every day, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my day to go to the trails with a good podcast and run a few miles. My recent favorite is the What We Said Podcast, I love the hosts and their topics range from funny to inspirational. My favorite episodes of theirs are the ones where listeners submit funny stories, like “Most Embarrassing Moments” or “Worst First Date”. They always make me laugh out loud, haha. I’ve also been listening to old Khalid and LANY songs, they’re super chill to have on in the background.

Doing // Besides running, which I’ve already touched on, I’ve also been getting into a new workout routine with my sister! I want to do an entire post on it, but I did the Chloe Ting two week ab challenge a couple of weeks ago, and then now I’ve been alternating arm and leg days with my runs. I’ve also been getting into more DIY projects, like fraying the jeans/hem of some old jeans, making a new inspo board for my room, and most recently: a bullet journal! I’ve had an empty, blank journal for months now, and finally took the time to start it! It’s not so much a planner as an art/creative journal. I’ve been doing fun pages like “habits to start”, “summer playlist”, and “things that make me happy”. I love filling the pages with colorful doodles and drawing for a few hours. Other than that, it’s just been spending lots of time with family, reading outside, and going down to the lake down the street and fishing with my dad and brother!

It’s been so nice to relax and soak up the spring weather with my family. There were definitely some days where I felt unmotivated and stuck at home, but I’m trying to stay positive and look for ways to make the best of this time! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Addie

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