How I Edit My Photos

Hello everyone! Sorry there haven’t been too many posts recently, I’ve just been enjoying my Spring Break and freedom! Even though I’m not doing much, it’s still great to be able to have a week off and relax. During my break, I’ve been doing a lot of photography and practicing taking photos.  I use the app called VSCO to edit my photos, I love the different features and filters that there are to offer. You can check out my photos here! Read on to discover how to use VSCO!


  1. Filter: There are some filters that already come with the app, but you can also download some free options from the store in the side bar. I usually use the F2 filter, I think its the best one. It all depends on the picture, but I like a faded look to most of my shots.
  2. Exposure: this isn’t always necessary, but if you want to lighten or darken a photo, use exposure. I usually lighten mine up by one or two.
  3. Temperature: You can either make your photos have a bluish tint to it, or an orange tint to it. I usually make my temperature go down to -2 or -3, unless I’m taking a woods or outside photo, then I crank it up to make it look more outdoorsy.
  4. Contrast: I use this sometimes, but it isn’t super necessary. you can give your photos a faded look, or crank up the contrast to make things stand out. I like going back one or two on my contrast.
  5. Fade: This feature isn’t something I use all the time, but sometimes it can add to the photo a bit. It just makes your photo look washed out.
  6. Tint: Whenever I have sky or beach photos, I love using the tint option. You can make a purple tint to it, which makes the sky look super pretty.
  7. Saturation: I don’t use this very much, but if your photo is lacking color, crank up the saturation by a few points. Or if it is too bright, you can always dial it down a bit. It depends on whatever your photo is!
  8. Shadows and Highlights Save: I love using these options. The shadows save makes your photo looked really faded because the shadows are increased by a lot and they have a white, washed out look. The highlights save can help with your photo highlight colors, but it doesn’t always make a huge difference.
  9. Highlights Tint: With this feature you can choose a certain color to make your highlights revert to. So all of the main highlights of your photo will be more blue, or purple, or yellow, whatever you want!
  10. Shadows Tint: This is almost like the highlights tint, but it is for the shadows, so it shows up a lot more. you can adjust how strong you want your tint to be on a scale of 1 to 12, and it can really change the photo.

So that’s it! After I finish editing I add a caption and upload it to my grid! I use VSCO as a way to display my photography, but also to remember certain times or good memories. I love how it adds in the details of the photo when you posted it and where the photo was taken, so you can always remember old times. Hoped this helped you out, thanks for reading!

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